Maya Kaimal Fresh Indian Sauces - Tikka Masala (15 ounce) Review

Maya Kaimal Fresh Indian Sauces - Tikka Masala (15 ounce)
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I have just received the Vindaloo product. I have not used it yet but the whole transaction so far is very disappointing. The web page is very misleading in that it leads you to believe that you are getting a package of three sauces (see picture and product presentation) when in fact you get only one, and I don't remember being asked which one I want when placing the order. Further, the web site says that the Vindaloo is not available, but in fact it's the one I received. The container has a limit date at the bottom which is completely unreadable, so I don't know how long it's safe to keep it. And finally, the shipping charge is absolutely ridiculous and again badly explained, so I ended up paying almost $20 for a $6 product. Not a good deal.

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Maya Kaimal is an authority on Indian food and an author of two cookbooks: "Curried Favors" and "Savoring the Spice Coast of India". Maya Kaimal introduces five fresh, vibrant simmer sauces: Coconut Curry, Tikka Masala, Tamarind Curry, and Vindaloo. These are all-natural,authentic Indian curry sauces made withthe best ingredients; created for the American kitchen. Heat the sauce in a pan with meat or your favorite ingredient, simmer and serve. Each sauce serves four.
Tikka Masala: A creamy tomato-based curry, mildly spiced with cinnamon, cardamom and clove.Mild heat levelVegetarian
Coconut Curry: With this curry, Maya Kaimal brings you the flavors of tropical South India, delicately balancing sweet coconut milk with fresh ginger and fragrant curry leaves. These exotic flavors make a delicious curry with seafood or vegetables, or a tasty marinade for grilled foods. Medium heat level Vegan
Vindaloo: This hot and sour curry is made with black pepper and coriander from India's spice coast, tempered by tangy tamarind and coconut milk. A perfect sauce for beef, pork or lamb, Vindaloo is also great for spicing up tofu and vegetables or burgers and wraps. Spicy heat levelVegan
Tamarind Curry: Inspired by the fragrant fish curries of Kerala, this sauce is a zesty blend of sour tamarind and sweet coconut milk with a nice green chili kick. Gently simmer it with seafood or spoon a little into rice before steaming.Medium HeatVegan
Classic Korma: This is inspired by Maya's father's Korma. It is a creamy Indian classic that is warmly spiced with nutmeg, clove and paprika, and enriched with yogurt and coconut milk. This full-flavored curry works well with chicken or lamb. Spice up tomato soup or brush on grilled seafood.Mild heat levelVegetarian
Varieties sold separately.

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